Workers of 9 jute mills to take to the streets on Sep 9

Workers of 9 jute mills to take to the streets on Sep 9

on Sep 9

On August 8, the labour leaders had a meeting with state minister of Jute and BJMC chairman in Dhaka

Workers from 9 state-owned jute mills in Khulna and Jessore division will take to the streets once again for implementation of wage commission, due wages and six other demands.

Md Sohrab Hossain, central member secretary of Bangladesh Jute Mill CBA and non CBA coordination council, on Sunday declared a 16 day program at the meeting held between the labour leaders.

The 16 day program starting from September 9 will have programs that include rallies, processions, and highway-railroad blockades.

16-day program are as follows:

On Septembers 9, collective protest will take place at the gates of all the mills. On the 10th, there will be discussions and meetings of the union leaders at Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)’s temporary office.

On the 12th protest rally will take place in all the mills simultaneously. On September 13, a protest rally will take palce on the streets.

A procession of the workers will take palce on September 14 at the People’s Circle of the city.on the 16th, a memorandum of their demands will be submitted to the the Deputy Commissioner and on the 18th a red flag rally will take place.

A stick procession (Lathi Micheel) will take place on September 20.Workers' rally in Narsingdi and Khalishpur will take palce at the same time on September 21.ON the 22 nd,  labur protest and gate meeting in front of Bangladesh Jute Mill will take place.

On September 23, meeting of jute mill labour leaders from all over the country will take place at Hafiz Jute Mill. On the 24th, same program at Amin Jute Mill.

A coffin procession on streets will be on September 27. On the 30th and October 2, there will be highway and railroad blockade from 8am to 2pm.

On October 5, workers’ rally will take place at the Peoples’ Circle and from there the announcement of next schedule will be given.

Md Sohrab Hossain said: “Jute mill workers have been protesting to clear their due wages since July 2013.At that time, about 50 thousand workers of Khulna and Jessore region demanded a movement with 11 points.

“The main demand was to form the Wage Commission Board. Apart from it, other demands include allocation of allocation of fund to buy jutes, make the transferred workers permanent, end wage discrimination of Khalishpur and Daulatpur mill workers', and giving them benefits of other similar mills of BJMC, providing provident fund of retired employees, including all gratuity payments.”

At present, the CBA and Non-CBA leaders of all jute mills in the country called the state-owned Jute mill CBO-Non-CBA council for the 6-point implementation.

On August 8, the labour leaders had a meeting with state minister of Jute and BJMC chairman in Dhaka.

In the meeting, the leaders recommended the implementation of their 6-point demand including setting up the Wage Commission,  clearing pending wages and cancelling the National Tax Bill-2014.

If there are no solutions within a month, the workers' of the mills have been instructed to go for movements as planned.

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