There will be bonuses for garment workers, fog with salaries

There will be bonuses for garment workers, fog with salaries

There will be bonuses for garment workers, fog with salaries

BKMEA and BJMEA, the two largest organization of owners of the sector, are optimistic about paying 100 per cent of their June wages to garment workers if they receive money from banks.

The factory owners say that if they get money, Eid bonus will also be given.
But before Eid, it is unclear whether the June salary will be paid 100 percent or whether the July salary will be paid.
Owners' leaders say many banks are reluctant to pay now. And if they don't get money, it is difficult to give July salary-bonus to the workers.
Industry insiders say the situation could worsen in some factories if salaries are not paid before Eid.

Workers' leaders say employers know when a bank pays and when it doesn't. An excuse to blame the bank. Salary-bonus has to be paid on the basis of negotiation.

Several members of BKMEA and BJMEA said that the salaries of garment workers and the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha bonus have been paid in May at 100 per cent of the factories in the member production. With the full cooperation of the bank, the salary for the month of June will also be paid 100 percent. However, many banks do not want to pay on the fifth / sixth day of the month, showing various excuses. Not getting money at the moment can lead to a terrible situation. Many factories will not even be able to pay the June salary.

However, they are 100% optimistic about the Eid bonus. They say the factory will be able to pay 100 percent of the Eid bonus. However, they did not comment on the salaries of small factories.

On condition of anonymity, a member of BGMEA said about the salary for the month of July, we prepare the salary paper on the 29/30 of the month. But the factory will be closed on July 29. As a result, it will not be possible to pay this month's salary.

In this regard, the director of BKMEA said, we pay in the first week of the month. This time the problem has been created as it is the first day of Eid. However, we will come up with a solution based on the owner-worker discussion.

He said that with the help of the bank, the full salary for June will be paid in a few days. But some banks say they can't pay. This will probably create a terrible situation for some factories. But hopefully there will be a bonus. But the July salary is creating a fog.

In this regard, the BASF workers' representative said, the owners transact money knowing everything about the bank. If you don't get money from the bank, there will be no salary, this is an excuse. Salary should be 100%. Bonus workers' rights. It must give them. If there is no salary in any other factory, BKMEA-BJMEA will have to take the responsibility.
However, he said that if there is a problem with the July salary, it must be resolved through employer-worker talks.

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