Some Recommendations for Remote Lone Anarchists

Some Recommendations for Remote Lone Anarchists

(Bangladesh ASF)

Anarcho-Syndicalists have established locals (orgs/groups). Comrades and friends need to link up with these established locals’ members.

In those areas where there are no locals, comrades and friends should still remain active.

All comrades and supporters who are geographically disconnected from Bangladesh ASF’s locals should look to the following guidelines for guidance.

If you choose to build the free society, you inherit the privilege to do all that you can to advance the struggle, even if you are alone. This is an important aspect of autonomy and self-rule.

There is much good that can be done by comrades who are currently far from the locals:

#1. Educate yourself. Because remote comrades will not have the same resources as those connected to locals, you will have to educate yourself. You will have to become self-reliant. You should begin studying articles in our anarchist booklets. These articles represent the general lines of anarchism. If you feel you have mastered this material, you should move onto more complex materials in the anarchist archive and on the website You should keep up-to-date with our FB pages and groups. Stay abreast of current news, including global events. You should remember that there is nobody to measure your progress and that the burden falls on you to keep yourself focused.

#2. Increase your skills. You should acquire skills that will aid our movement. If you attend college or a university, pick areas of study that will complement our movement. You should also acquire self-defense, martial arts, weapons training, and safety, such as: first aid, medical skills, and engineering. Work on your writing and public speaking skills. Learn skills associated with activism if you plan to be an anarchist activist in the future.

#3. Build your local. If there is an opportunity in your area to train and organize with others into a group that becomes a functioning local, then by all means try to. Once you have organized a few people into a functioning group or local, contact the BASF’s national committee for further guidelines on how to best carry out anarchist work in your area.

#4. Build local networks. Expand your knowledge of your community, especially those areas of the community that could be useful to the movement. Create connections with personalities who are respected or listened to in their communities. Build relationships with potential recruits. Prove your committed character to those who could aid or join the Anarcho-Syndicalist movement. Create a good image of yourself before others.

#5. Help to agitate and create propaganda. Remote comrades may submit articles to the website by emailing [email protected] . If we feel your writings are beneficial to the movement, we will publish them after making necessary edits. We will work with you to help you improve your writing skills. We have expert editors. You can also make art for the movement, which can be sent to the same address.

#6. Organize online. Remote comrades can promote anarcho-syndicalist ideas and the BASF online on forums and social media sites by posting articles, defending anarcho-syndicalism, debating, etc. However, be careful. There are many types of enemies online who will try to entrap you, such as deceits, loathsome people, and subversives. Do not allow these people to harm you. Be safe. Develop a reasonable online security practice.

#7. Fundraising. Fundraising’s value should not be underestimated. It is a key part of our work and should be a key part of every comrade’s work. Without funds, what we can accomplish is extremely limited. With funds, we can significantly expand our work. All comrades and friends should seek stability and good jobs. Those who are committed should donate regularly. And comrades who live in the rich or imperialist countries have a particular duty to generate funds for the movement here.

#8. Relocate. If you become frustrated working alone, then you should consider relocating to an area where an anarchist local or federation is active. If you are serious about moving, then contact us through [email protected]. We will help you as much as possible.

Our movement is stronger than ever. We are on course through the distinguished vehicle of Anarcho-Syndicalism.

We are moving forward, and we need you to step forward to do your part, even if you are not fully connected with us yet.

Your participation will help Bangladesh ASF’s continued development as a powerful and well-organized federation capable of ultimate victory.
We will win by being decisive, forceful, and not letting anything stop us.

Self-Discipline. Voluntary Loyalty. Free Will.  Self-Organization. Free Federation.
We dedicate our resources, our talents, our lives to humanity and Mother Earth’s liberation.

We must defeat capitalism and statism, ridding them from the face of the earth.

Let us move toward the complete triumph of Libertarian Communism.
Follow the Light of Anarchism. Be an Anarchist who inspires.
Our sun is rising. Our day is coming.

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