RMG workers threaten tougher movement for minimum wage

RMG workers threaten tougher movement for minimum wage

All workers organizations urged the authorities concerned to accept the workers' demand

Ready-made garment (RMG) workers have threatened to go for tougher movements if their demand for Tk16,000 minimum wage is not met within 15 days, reported UNB.

The Garment Workers' Trade Union Centre, an organization for RMG workers, issued the ultimatum Friday morning during a rally in front of National Press Club, Dhaka.

“The government and the RMG industry owners will have to accept our demand for a minimum wage of Tk16, 000, including a basic pay of Tk10,000, within the next 15 days. If our demand is not met by then, we will launch an all-out movement," said Jolly Talukdar, the union centre's general secretary.

She further said the workers had outright rejected the new wage structure proposed by the industry owners, which sets the minimum wage at Tk6,360.

“The workers cannot survive on a Tk6,360 wage. Our demand to raise our minimum wage is a matter of survival now,” she said at the rally.

The BGMEA, representing the RMG business owners, placed the proposal for new minimum wage before the Minimum Wage Board for RMG industry on Monday.

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