In the context of racism and recent events-

In the context of racism and recent events-

In the context of racism and recent events-


"All conceptions of race in the modern world are grounded in predatory Stateism & capitalism"

The word racism is Apartheid in Afrikaans. Apartheit ("division" or "isolation"). A system of ethnic division in South Africa and South West Africa (now Namibia) from 1947 to the 1990s. The minority was dominated by white people.

The term first originated in 1930, and the South African National Party began using the term in political slogans from the early 1940s. But the principle that is involved with the term is even earlier than its origin. This policy was introduced in 1652 with the beginning of the settlement of white people in South Africa.

In 1652, the Dutch East India Company established the Cape Town in  South Africa. Cape Colony was occupied by the British in 1795. The British occupied the area mainly for the purpose of rest and slave trade for a long voyage break and encouraged permanent settlement. Buers also lived in the Cape Colony. The Dutch word buer means farmer. They spoke Afrikaans - Dutch and German were combined to form Afrikaans. They later withdrew from Cape Colony under British pressure and attempted to establish a Buer republic in northern South Africa. Diamonds were mined in South Africa in the 1886  and gold in the 1867. The search for these valuable resources continues to grow externally. Shortly afterwards, a three-pronged war broke out between South Africa's black aborigines, the British ruling class, and the Dutch-Buer. The result was the formation of various political parties (e.g., the "National Party" of whites, the African National Congress of blacks.

In the 1948 elections, the White National Party won. Since then, the white ruling class has been controlling the non white. The resulting policy is "apartheid". The whole of South Africa was divided into four parts white, black, colored or Indian.

In The modern American police force was first created to control slaves and minorities. One study found that 40 percent of police officers behaved offensively with animals, including children, women, and dogs. In 33 US states, police officers are allowed to rape women in their custody without risking any punishment.

Derek Chowin, the assassin of George Floyd, has a disgusting history behind him. There was no justice system for the violence he committed. He shot and killed two of them and there are 16 such charges against him. If the state had judged, we would not have seen this day. So far, Chowin has only been charged with third-degree murder. But Mohammed Nour, a black Somali-American police officer, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing a white woman. There was a lot of debate about this.

Because, many people think that this punishment was unfair. Because, there are a number of white police members who are legally free almost completely unpunished even after killing people. Yes, it is true that all cops are different and their sense of morality may not be the same, it may be worse. But just as the system they work for is right, so are their behavioral factors. Racism is deeply ingrained in the system. It is a system that takes the police away from a lot of things and that is why they are not properly accountable. It is the system that needs to be changed.

Here is some information we know about the riots and looting: Many of these looting were carried out by white supremacists and secret police to slander the protesters. The protesters first protested peacefully. The protests were also peaceful until they were beaten by police or wounded by rubber bullets. There were no child attachments to the protest.

The same week in the Michigan capital, we saw gunmen, mostly white people, protesting the opening of a coronavirus-locked lockdown, but they did not face any violence from the police. But now the protesters of police brutality and murder are being humiliated by the police. Even President Trump has shown his ignorance. His response to armed white people protesting literally a virus was that they were ‘very good people’, and the protesters, who were mostly black, who protested for truly reasonable reasons, were described by the President as ‘thugs’.

In 1773 the Americans protested against the injustice of the British. At present children in schools are taught about the famous situation of the Boston Tea Party.  2 million worth of property was looted and damaged in the incident with the British. And the protesters had to pay the tax. That moment in history was the moment of freedom. And it is considered a great work of the people fighting for freedom. But when the same situation arises today, they are looking differently. The looting and riots are seen as a response not only to the assassination of George Floyd, but also to the fact that every black person is racially targeted by the government on a daily basis.

It's true, looting won't bring George Floyd back. But in response to 9/11, the United States used the same force when it decided to bomb the Middle East and kill hundreds of innocent Muslims. We must remember that in the last few years, America has used the same force in Latin, African and Asian countries, looting.

Get rid of racism we also need to talk about discrimination in our own community. Let's see where the source? Hence the idea of ​​'white is good / black is bad'. Looking back, it can be seen that the Industrial Revolution took place after the European countries came to power. These countries started using machinery and factories to their advantage. They started colonizing almost every place in Africa and Asia and also stole our natural resources for their own gain. It was at this time that Charles Darwin proposed his first theory of evolution. The theory of evolution stated that the weak would die and the strong would survive. We know that it is only natural that only the strong will survive. White Europeans combined this notion of evolution and color to form a philosophy called social Darwinism. Social Darwinism means that whites thought that whites were better, more modern, and more civilized than those who were brown or black. The Europeans propagated and used this theory as a duty in their colonies. They believed that it was best and duty for them to conquer and modernize black and brown people.

When South Asia was under British control, this hateful concept was widely applied in the lives of the native people. This is where we get the idea that white is better. Now, the British have been away from our land for decades. But the racist belief they sowed is still deeply ingrained in our culture.

How often do we not see that our aunts and uncles come and suggest ways to lighten our black skin? How many times have we not heard ‘Who would want to marry you if you were black?’ How many times have we seen ‘Fair and Lovely’ advertisements saying that something we can’t think of is changing? How many times have we not heard that no one will marry this man or woman because he is too black? When we teach our children to grow up with hatred and insecurity in their hearts for themselves and others, how can we expect improvement by removing it from society? Isn't our thinking enough?

From the moment a child is born, Bengalis will say the first word, ‘Wow, he / she is so white!’ As if it is a accomplishment or a compliment! When the color is black, the hatred towards the child falls in the words of compassion. From the moment we were born, our own community has already judged us on how appropriate we are based on our skin color.

My dear friends are light skinned Bengalis, because of the color of your skin you are seen as smart, educated, beautiful and advanced. This is not a compliment. When you see casual racist comments being made in your daily life, you need to stand up and educate people about their ignorance. As light skin, you need to recognize your own right to self-determination and come forward to protect and unite your people.

My partner's black skinned Bengalis need you to understand that the color of your skin, your melanin is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with you or your skin, but there is something wrong with our ignorant society that treats you like a second class citizen. Know, you are beautiful and you should embrace from the mind the way you were made. Be proud of who you are and let us all educate people about this problem.

Human society is now like the animal society of 'Jor yaar mulluk tara' - that is, the powerful &  wealthy class is doing whatever they want. Consumerist is living a luxurious life. On the other hand, the working class is living on two meals a day. All the resources have been confiscated by a few people. Whenever the working poor want to protest, in the name of law, in the name of the state, in the name of discipline, and sometimes in the name of religion, they have always tried to keep the workers away. Not much has happened and this time the change of relations of production has become inevitable through social revolution.

There is no alternative to the establishment of a new society and an independent socialist society by abolishing the conventional social system to protect the health of all people including the working class, unemployment, poverty and social instability. We have to put an end to the plunder of capitalism, the state system, imperialism and build a society where there will be no human color based domination over the people. People will not exploit people. Will manage themselves. Socialist self-sufficient social system without state, without capitalism. All the production systems including mills and agricultural farms will be owned by all the people of the society. There will be no existence of any kind of private ownership. The word job will be extinct forever. People will be completely independent and free. no racism, there are only one race it is “Human Race”.

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