Bangladesh: Crossfire, disappearances, murders, how much more?

Bangladesh: Crossfire, disappearances, murders, how much more?

Bangladesh: Crossfire, disappearances, murders, how much more?

Even after this article is published, new issues may come up which will easily engage people on social media. Every day he has to try to prove himself a modern day, to try to avoid the existing emergency. He has to forget the new nails that are being driven into the coffin every day. Otherwise, so many murders, cold-headed killings, which are being legalized in the name of crossfire, how come? How can series disappearance-murder continue? How can corruption and looting be tolerated in every case? Can silent consent be produced? How can a minister with a cold head give one mock gift after another, avoiding measures or responsibilities to save people even in the midst of a global epidemic? When the main duty is to protect the people, how can the workers and peasants, day in and day out, be made jobless by the people, and the government officials be happy to impose more burdens on them?

Why not break the barrier of human patience? Why am I living on my own, thinking that I am keeping all the wrongs silent and preparing the way for a bigger wrong? This deep wound of the social state is getting deeper, yet why aren't the sparks burning side by side?

We would rather dissect a little at a recent ‘crossfire’ incident in Cox’s Bazar. There have been allegations in various media outlets that police officers have killed retired Army Major Rashed Sinha in a very cold head. At the beginning of the incident, the police statement would not seem new. While checking at the patrol post, Sinha Rashed pulled out his pistol at one stage and tried to shoot him, but was killed by police. Sinha Rasheed was also said to have found a small amount of yaba (rumored to have been reported by many people familiar with the subject). More and more injustice has been done to him and his companions.

There have been numerous such press releases in the last few decades, and the language and statements of the RAB-police have been memorized by the general public. The country's forces are trying so hard, but there are still so many people left to attack them, so they have to be frightened by this epidemic in Corona. What a horrible thing, no matter how I look at it, that the state and its forces are quite unscrupulous, as if their press releases are pointing fingers.

Had it not been for Rashed Sinha, a former army officer, Latha might have gone to Chukebu here. The news of this 'crossfire' in one corner of the inside page of the newspaper did not catch the eye of too many people at this time of concern about the virus. We have now reduced the number of deaths in epidemics to just numbers, crossfire and disappearances. Sometimes ‘Daddy you are crying that’ audio files moisten our expressionless, scared life a little bit, that’s it.

This time it is the case of Rashed Sinha. Former army officials have held press conferences, the prime minister has assured justice, the police-RAB have held a joint press conference, and the police have assured them that "this is the last incident". Who knows if this assurance is for the countrymen, or for the former current members of the force?

Social media brawl over the death of a retired major. The murderous and illegal activities of the police are coming up in various media. Meanwhile, the police have warned that someone is trying to confront the police and the army.

This is not the end. Work has also begun to victimize Rashed Sinha by spreading personal photos of one of his female colleagues on social media; Surprisingly, these pictures are being spread again by the police officers-members. And these are the ones who made big posts a few days ago about what citizens should do in case of digital harassment. They are the guardians of the law, and thus from time to time they are quite adept at character assassination.

According to one estimate, about 5,000 people have been killed in extrajudicial killings by various forces in the past two decades. That is, two every three days. In the last few years, it has become a trend. How many of these incidents have been judged? What has been convicted in the trial? The statistics will speak.

The situation has now reached such a stage that the police-RAB are committing murders themselves, sometimes even hiring them - there are multiple such allegations. Of course when they can put someone in power without a vote, they can use force to suppress the opposition; Then the license for disappearance and murder is 'they deserve it'.

Let's make the chess board a little bigger here. When can these forces run by the people or the officials and employees of the administration become so arbitrary, so corrupt, so anti-people? When do they or their members get countless immunity? When they do not have to be accountable to anyone. To whom will you be accountable? To those in power? To those who are themselves vote thieves, immersed in corruption and looting up to their throats? Why? They complement each other. The looting-government-forces-administration, this cycle has sustained the whole system. Has established a kingdom of fear. On the one hand, they are arranging their own sugarcane, sometimes they can even slap their backs.

But how much more?

In the meantime, the official death toll from the epidemic has exceeded three thousand six hundred. The tests we do here to detect the virus are around tens of thousands a day; He also has doubts about the test method. Three times as many have died of corona symptoms out of official accounts. The affected two lakhs are running towards three lakhs. But the government has no eyebrows. That being said, do more tests, identify patients, isolate the people you come in contact with; Give everyone a mask, provide as much protection as possible. Who cares. The government has taken the line ‘less test, less identification’. Identification tests, isolation, treatment - everything is chaotic. Syndicates are filling their pockets with the opportunity of people's misery. Well, is this syndicate unfamiliar? Shahed-Sabrina were born from the sky? They are the people of the government house. People in such houses are surrounded by soybeans. Meanwhile, more than 95 percent of the general public's navigability. There is no one to watch them cry. If infected, there will be no place in the government hospital, if there is no match, there will be no treatment. Private hospital throat bill. What percentage of people have a way to stay at home even if they are not infected. The government no longer takes responsibility. You have to get out of the house on your own responsibility, there is no economy, no business, no work. Fire prices of goods in the market. Meanwhile, the market for looting is booming. What a contrasting image, but it is real, ruthless real. This inequality will only increase in the near future. Some of the indicators of the economy are such that many are worried about where the situation will be in a few months.

The naked face of the plight of the health sector has been exposed in the epidemic. This mis management, this emergency exists in all cases. There is no way for people to survive, there is no grouped, irresistible rebellion. It is as if the suffocated people are waiting for the day when the people of the country will sing in an organized manner, 'It is not good to live and die'.

All the elements of change are apparently present. The fruit is ripe. You just have to read it. If nothing else, at least shake the tree. We have to build protest-resistance in an organized manner. We have to be brave in our own security, in establishing our rights, we have to take risks. This darkness will not go away; meanwhile, if the darkness is not removed, how can the light be seen?

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