Anarcho-syndicalism: reading guide

Members of anarcho-syndicalist USI-AIT, Milan, 2012.

Key texts

Key people and groups

  • IWA - International Workers Association, international confederation of anarcho-syndicalist trade unions, founded in 1922.
  • CNT - Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union founded in 1910, which took part in the 1936 Spanish civil war and revolution.
  • FORA - Federación Obrera Regional Argentina, Argentinian anarcho-syndicalist union founded in 1901 which played a leading role in the working class movement at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Friends of Durruti - Anarchist group founded during the civil war opposing the CNT's participation in the Republican government.
  • Mujeres Libres - Anarcho-syndicalist women's organisation active within the Spanish CNT before and during the Spanish revolution.
  • Emile Pouget - French anarchist and influential early advocate of syndicalism who was vice-secretary of the Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT) from 1901-1908.
  • Rudolf Rocker - Prominent German anarcho-syndicalist who organised extensively amongst the Jewish community in the East End of London.
  • Gregori Maximov - Russian anarcho-syndicalist and participant in the 1917 Russian revolution who wrote extensively both on anarchist involvement in the events as well as the Bolshevik counter-revolution.
  • Buenaventura Durruti - Legendary anarcho-syndicalist rail worker, CNT member and military leader, killed during the Spanish civil war.
  • Albert Meltzer - British anarcho-syndicalist who fiercely opposed individualist strains within anarchism and founded Black Flag magazine.

Other media

  • Spanish Civil War and Revolution photo gallery, 1936-39. Photo gallery of anarchists and other workers who attempted a social revolution after the military uprising of the right-wing General Francisco Franco in July 1936.
  • Living utopia (documentary). A unique feature-length documentary (90 minutes; Spanish with English subtitles) which chronicles the origins and evolution of the Spanish anarchist movement and its important role during the Spanish revolution (1936-1939).

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